Thursday, August 13, 2009

Openbravo on the cloud

As you might know, Openbravo ERP has been commercially available for cloud deployment since early 2008. Openbravo Professional Subscription has offered an appliance than can be deployed on any popular virtual cloud and notably on Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (aka Amazon EC2).

We have used this capability extensively both with clients and internally for a long time, with awesome results:

  • We have reduced our infrastructure costs significantly
  • We have eliminated hardware maintenance costs
  • We have reduced the time to deploy a new system, drasticaly simplifying the procurement process
As an example, our on-line demo is hosted in the Amazon EC2 cloud.

Today I found an interesting 5 minutes video which explains the advantages of deploying aplication like Openbravo in the cloud.

This video is presented by rPath. Openbravo partners with rPath to enable its Professional Subscription for cloud deployment.

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