Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Openbravo reaches 1.5 million downloads

Today we have reached an accumulated 1.5 M downloads.

Cumulative downloads, and even better -monthly download rate-, is a great indicator of an open source project's interest. We are very proud to reach this figure after the first publication of code in April 2006. I interpret it as a sign of our long-term commitment to becoming the leading ERP in the space.

Also, since October 2006, Openbravo ERP has been on a monthly basis the open source ERP hosted in SourceForge with the highest download rate in the category. This is no less than 39 months in a row that the public has continued to choose Openbravo ERP over other alternatives. One download at a time, Openbravo is earning a solid reputation, and customers all over the world are joining in.

Thanks again and keep in mind this is just the beginning!